Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my MACPASS transponder at other toll facilities?

Presently the only way you can use MACPASS with the other toll facilities in the Maritimes is if you set up an account with them. The Cobequid Pass E-Pass and the Confederation Bridge Strait Pass systems use the same transponder as the MACPASS system.

If you are applying for a MACPASS account and you already have an E-Pass or a Harbour Pass, indicate your transponder serial number (located on the lower left hand corner of your transponder (i.e. CAHD ########) on your MACPASS application. If you have a commercial account with several transponders, you should attach a list of the transponder serial numbers to your MACPASS application.

Account applications are available at the MACPASS Customer Service Centre, or call:
Cobequid Pass: 1-877-727-7104
Confederation Bridge: (902) 437-7300

Please note: You should not have more than one transponder in your vehicle.

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